6 Best Poses To Work With Your Yoga Blocks

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 A lot of us don't give importance to yoga props particularly yoga blocks. It is often taken for granted or even neglected in favor of newer, more exciting props, like yoga wheels.

Whether you’re new to yoga or trying to ease your way back in, blocks are great tools to use to help you get into poses safely. Plus, it’s inexpensive, doesn’t take up much space, and is incredibly versatile.  So, here are the best poses to work with your yoga blocks! 

  • Downward Facing Dog

  • Upward Facing Dog

  • Revolved Triangle

  • Fish/Heart Opener

  • Bridge

  • Hero

Now that you know how to use this awesome prop, please incorporate it into your practice. You can do so much with this them, that you will definitely not regret the (very small) investment. 

There are many more uses of a yoga block. For a lightweight rectangular cube, it is a surprisingly useful piece of yoga equipment. Beginners and pros alike can benefit from the extra help a yoga block can provide. So next time you head to your mat, why not take a couple of blocks—and an open mind—with you. Try it out! I promise you’ll feel more spacious and at ease. 

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