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Your home should be a place of comfort, a place you can return to, feeling immediately relaxed while absorbing the little reflections of yourself that have created such an intimate space. Each detail of your home radiates a piece of your most inner self. Why not treat this self to an inspiring space, full of art, love and most importantly, yoga! 

For this year, set aside the same old look you've been having for years and go big with something new. Here at UpKeepYoga, we are more focused on the spiritual aspect of each individual hence we are showcasing these new items that will definitely reach out to your spiritual health. Bring out the artist in you and get creative with the amazing pieces that we have to offer.


  • Wall Stickers/Decals


 Wall stickers are one of the newest and coolest ways to decorate your lonely wall. Give some life to it and add some spice to your wall. It's really easy to install. Bigger pieces may need another set of eyes and hands to get the look you're after. It could be in your homes, in your office, in the studio. Ideal for both glass and concrete.


  • Pillow Covers


Great for your bedroom or meditation room. our pillow covers can turn any boring pillow into a pillow with purpose! Enjoy the concentric designs of each different pillow case where no one can resist its eye-grabbing beauty.


  •  Wall Canvas/Painting


 Of course, our home decor collection will not be complete without our famous wall canvas/painting. An array of different magnificent designs to choose from. Something that's unlike any other. From Buddha to mandala to nature's extravagance that no one can resist.


  • Miscellaneous



 Aside from the decors that we have featured above, we also have cute items that you would love to have. These are to accentuate your desks, side tables, counter tops, headboards, even your key hooks or coat hooks. We currently have almost everything you can think of and we are continuously adding more.


Don't miss out on these home decors and make them yours right away here: UpKeepYoga Home Decor

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