Meditation - The 15 Minute Stress Reliever

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15-Minute Stress Reliever

If you're reading this article, perhaps you're one of the folks wanting to escape from stress. Modern life demands most of our time which often leads us to feel unhappy, frustrated and impatient. This makes our health deteriorate.

What if there's a way to relieve your stress in just a matter of 15 minutes? Here lies the power of Meditation! It’s not about focusing one’s thoughts on one thing, but instead, on becoming thoughtless. It is not about concentration, it’s actually about de-concentration.

Here are some of the benefits of meditation.

  • Reduces Aging
  • Improves metabolism and helps you lose weight
  • Helps you appreciate life more
  • Gives you a better sleep
  • Makes you more connected

Try these 5 simple steps of meditation technique.

  1. Choose a word or phrase you can silently repeat during your meditation. You can hum the words, "flowing river", “mountain” or "rainbow".
  1. Find the most comfortable place available. There's no required position and place just aim to comfortably sit as upright as possible.
  1. Take deep breaths while your eyes are closed. Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale gently with your mouth.
  1. Without moving your lips or tongue, start humming your chosen word or phrase. Repeat your humming effortlessly and allow the breath to fall away into its own rhythm.
  1. Gently stop repeating the hum. .After 15 minutes, you may then stop your hum. You may download a yoga timer and a good music to execute the process more effective.

You can maximize the benefits of meditation if you practice it daily, first thing in the morning and before you hit the sack. Starting your day with meditation will let you feel balanced and centered. Doing it before bed will allow you to drift your stress and tension away for a good night’s snooze.

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