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When you do yoga, what you really need is your mind and body. You can actually practice yoga anywhere, anytime. But this time, I want you to feel more comfortable, and of course, more prepared when it comes to your yoga practice. So, I will share the Top 8 essentials for Yoga. Whether you are new or not, every yogi must know the basics especially when you want to practice and do yoga in a class or in your own place.




In yoga, you don't need fancy kinds of stuff. What you really need is clothes that you feel comfortable. You can use your favorite top or tee shirt, leggings, even shorts. As long as it is comfortable and breathable clothes that can help you focus on the practice. But it is always the best if you wear the right fit and convenient clothes for the yoga poses.




Yoga Mat is the most essential and basic for yoga. If you do a yoga class, you don't have to worry for this since most of the yoga studios have mats in their place. But for you to make sure that it is 100% clean then you can have your own mat. Having your own mat is an advantage since you can do and practice more at home, or anywhere. Most of the routine is basically you'll be doing on the floor. So, you have to be wise in choosing the right mat for you. Choose the one that is long enough to make sure your hands and feet are both on the mat. Lastly, please make sure that it is safe when doing yoga positions, more durable, enhanced and has a good grounding. Yoga Mat is essential to and for every yogi. A good mat will help you and keep you comfortable and safe while doing the yoga.




If you're going to yoga, it is important to stay hydrated. Bringing your own water bottle can guarantee you that it is clean and safe to drink. Plus, it could help you save up though most yoga studios have the resources to provide water like drinking fountains or vending coolers. Still, It is better to have your own water bottle that you could always pick up anytime right after your yoga practice. 




Yes, yoga towel is a must-have since you'll be sweating a lot. Whether you are trying out the hot yoga or not, still, yoga will make you sweat. It does not only help to eliminate bacteria from your sweat itself but they are often used as support in certain poses too. So, when you do yoga, a handy towel will become your own best buddy. ;)




Off to your yoga class? Carry your yoga mat with ease and control. Yoga Mat bag is a must have since it can hold not only your mat but your yoga essentials as well. It ensures your entire mat and keeping it clean! Make your yogi life simple and easy, swing it over your shoulder on your way to class.




It can be toeless or not but these yoga socks provide added grip on your mat. When we slip it's easy to fall out of focus. But these anti-slip yoga socks is one of the top 8 since it will help you during or even the trickiest of poses. 


Below, are optional. In most cases, it is not necessary to have your own since yoga studios will provide these yoga props. But, if your plan is to put up on your own place or practice yoga at home then you can add them to your list. These props can help you more with your yoga practice.





Foam Blocks are great prop for beginners since they serve to provide an additional support. Blocks help you get into poses and maintain appropriate posture when you can't reach the floor during a certain pose. Not only offers you assistance in flexibility and alignment. Also, provides extra safety. Be sure to keep them close by to help lengthen, extend, deepen, and soften.




A yoga strap is another prop that can be used throughout the practice to help you into positions when you're still developing your flexibility. Just like the foam blocks, they provide you support and "extra arms". It means that you can use them to extend your arms and help you support and align your back. These straps provide length and deepen your stretches.



It's a wrap! These are just some of our Upkeepyoga Essential List for you to get you started on your yoga practice. But, you don't have to buy all these at once. You may start first with the very basic essential gear like mat and clothes. And if you really feel like you need them to aid your practice, then you can add more stuff. 

What is important is you have to remember your desire to learn yoga. You don't practice to be good or pro at yoga but you practice to enhance the connection you may discover your body, mind, and spirit.

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Much Love,
Gladys D.♥

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