When Is the Best Time To Do Yoga?

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Best Time To Do Yoga

If you are just starting out with your yoga practice or even if you are an experienced yogi, you may be wondering - when is the best time to do yoga?

Each and every one of us is different at any given moment in the day but as a practitioner, you want to find a time that works best for you. Clearly, there are 3 choices you have in mind: morning, afternoon, and evening. And, each time of day has its benefits.

So, I simply outlined the benefits that you can reap from each time of the day. Know what is the best time for you! You never know, it may become your new favorite thing.


I know some of you getting up and moving to your mat at 5 in the morning is a little tough (if you are not a morning perosn). But in general, doing yoga first thing in the morning before breakfast is the most recommended.


  • Early morning practice release high levels of endorphins and this will leave you happy, more calm, and feeling good for the entire day.
  • It will also help you increase your flexibility
  • Can keep you pain-free throughout the day
  • Boost metabolism
  • Great caffeine alternative

When you make it a habit, it will help you encourage to get the rest you need and regulates your sleeping pattern. By then, bedtime will most likely be prioritized. 


When your energies flag in the mid-day then afternoon practice is a YAY for you! Getting ina mid-day yoga practice away from your work or at home can you discover the benefits.


  • It will give you a positive, social time during the day
  • Restores focus and concentration especiall at work
  • Improves your mood
  • Serves a great mini workout and will hellp you get rid of belly bloat
  • Helps you beat post-lunch sugar cravings
  • Provides a calming effect that will ease your mind when you are feeling over-stimulated or stressed
  • Help to cure your desk job ailments

The payoff for afternoon yoga practice will be well worth the effort. Just spare some time and this will make a huge difference to your midweek grind.


do evening yoga ptactice is best for you if you don't do mornings and if you're working full day shift. Doing evening yoga also has an amazing benefits that can help you.


  • This is the way to help you wind down from a busy day
  • It can help o relax your mind, calm your mood and take away the stresses of the day
  • Can help improve your circulatory health and flow of energy throughout the body
  • Nerves in your body will be more mobile
  • If you are suffering from muscle pain or joint pain, it willhelp to work them out
  • I can bring you into a deep and restorative sleep and will help you to prevent sleepless night

You may find this time as your bet when your morning and afternoon are fully loaded and you only have more time in the evening. This will further prepare your mind and body for bed.


Have you determined which one is the best? Actually, there's no right nor best time to practice yoga. Why? Because it all comes down to the time that works best for you, especially when you consider how each individual and style of yoga is different.

But, here's my quick tip for you.

Do whatever your body needs in accordance to your needs and to your schedule. It can never go wrong as long as you do it as a habit that you can keep up with. Just choose the time that allows you and your body to engage fully and clearly.

Remember that whenever you practice, it is best to wait at least 1 to 2 hours after eating. At the end, you have to think of the main reason which is yoga is a holistic practice that will benefit you physically, mentally, and even spiritually at any time of day. What it comes down to is what best suits you and your lifestyle.

Before I'll put this to an end, I want you to try to ask this question to yourselves:

  • What time of day do I feel the most energized, balanced, motivated, flexible, alert, or aware?

If you have an answer, then that is the best time to do yoga :) 

Much Love, 
Gladys D.♥

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