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Yoga is always intended to be relaxing form of meditation. Comfortable and fit clothing is essential so you can focus on doing different poses instead of fuzzing with your outfit. Check out these tips so you know what not to wear for yoga sessions.

Yoga Tops

Not to wear. Loose tanks and shirts, revealing and light colored tops, unsupported and low-cut.

Issues. Do not wear revealing tops such as light colored tops, low-cut and unsupported. No one wants to have their private parts to fell out right in the middle of the class. White or light colored tops are also risky as it becomes too revealing when you get sweaty. Loose tanks and shirts are also a no-no as these get-ups might be very distractive when doing your yoga pose. T-shirts will end up falling over your head when you do poses heading your head down and loose tanks will let your belly show.

Best wear: Go for fitted tanks as they stay put regardless of your yoga pose. It will keep you perfectly covered no matter whether you flip upside down,     twist or bend backwards. Always wear something that support your body type. For women, it is advisable to use sports bra or shirts that contains attached shelf-bras. Bright colors get the thumbs-up, just make sure they're not see-through.

Yoga Pants

Not to wear. Loose shorts, super short shorts, thin, holey and light colored pants.

Issues. Short shorts and loose shorts also tend to bunch up when you make a pose. You want to feel confident that you're completely covered when doing poses where you're bending forward or sticking your leg in the air, and the last thing you want to think about is whether or not someone can see your private business. Wearing old legging is risky as you’ll never know if it can still support you. Also avoid light-colored bottoms as these tend to be see-through no matter how thick the fabric is

Best wear. It is advisable to wear full length leggings or fitted cropped. Go for a yoga pants that can absorb sweat and can fit your legs and giving your booty fully covered. Slip on black or another dark-colored pair of capris or leggings made out of durable material.

Note: It is very advisable to test your garments (shirts and pants) before buying it. Do yoga poses in the dressing room to make sure it offers you a perfect fit.

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Not to wear. Lacy or cotton fabric under wears

Issues. Cotton is a breathable fabric  though it also gets heavy when wet and doesn’t dry quickly.

Best to wear. If you’re wearing a thick and colored pants, you can always go undies-free.


Yoga Accessories

Head band - It helps keep your hair in place and out of your face. They are loose enough to wear comfortably yet tight enough to remain in place and maintain their shape

Ankle grip foot socks - It has a low-profile design that fits your ankle. It also helps protect your feet from bacteria and other unclean surfaces while making you look awesome. The Socks keep your toes happy as they flex, point, dance, and spread along the floor, mat and equipment.

Wrist sweat bands -  It can effectively stop sweat running down your hand and improve your performance.

Yoga Blanket - These are not just gorgeous beach blankets; it also serves as an outdoor park picnic, yoga & meditation mat, a beautiful indoor/outdoor throw, a towel to relax on, a décor piece, a wall hanging, a table cloth & more. 


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