We are aspiring Yogis like you and as a practitioner, Yoga is the core of everything we do therefore we want to bring the best in quality and prices to other Yoga practitioners. As a relatively new company, we are willing to forsake some of our margins to build up a customer base of deserving Yogis first :)

We work closely with our partners and spend extra time to ensure safe and respectful working conditions that exclude child labor. So while we're proud of our affordability, we'll never cut costs at the expense of ethics. Through your constant feedbacks, we are also working on our service quality and stepping up our customer service as an infant company.

Choosing Yoga

Yoga has been proven to bring great benefits to our body and soul. We have already witnessed how it can provide better quality of life within all ages. The beauty of yoga that helps us balance everything we have in our lives and being more positive. There is hardly a reason not to incorporate it with our day to day living.

Who are we?

We are Upkeepyoga. We have been an enthusiast of yoga as we know how life can be changed by it and how life can be a lot better when we bring yoga in it.

We are one solid family that seeks ways to make yoga part of everybody’s life without needing to pay much. This allows every race, gender, and age to access and enjoy yoga.

What are our goals?

  • We aim to promote health and healthy lifestyle. As we can only live life to the fullest if we are healthy inside and out.
  • We aim to bring in every home yoga items that are affordable yet with very durable quality.
  • We want everyone to feel comfortable and would have a hassle free shopping with our safe online shop.
  • We aim to incorporate feedback we have received in the past to move forward with a better service for everyone.

What you would expect?

We will only be providing quality products that will surely help you in optimizing your potentials while doing/practicing yoga. Knowing that not all customers are fully equipped with the process of online shopping, we will ensure that you will be having support in every step of the way with your purchase whenever you need it.

You count on us, to be someone who can relate and who you can trust with your yoga needs. We also give customer oriented solutions on issues as part of providing better assistance.


    How can we help?




              A portion of all sales goes to Give Back Yoga Foundation.

             Give Back Yoga Foundation is a non profit yoga organization that supports and funds certified yoga teachers of all traditions
             to bring yoga available to all those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience the
             transformational benefits of this powerful practice. Find about more about their cause here!





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