Egg MagicHair Brush

$18.99 $39.99

Tangled and frizzy hair? It can sure get to your nerves sometimes especially when you’re in a hurry and your comb wouldn’t just do the trick. 

Egg Magic Hair Brush is an innovative tool that painlessly and easily removes tangles and knots as it works through wet or dry hair. Plus massages the scalp, and reduces fly aways giving you smoother and healthier looking hair.

This Egg Magic Hair brush is so easy to handle as it fits right in your hand. With its ergonomic shape, it makes holding or using it on very long hair extremely comfortable. Finally it's anti-static which doesn't make your hair fluff when you have lots of hair to go through, you're just left with a huge smile on your face as you've just made the best possible beauty investment you could think of. Perfect gift for your friends and loved ones!


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