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Yoga Props - Fitness Resistance Band Rope For Yoga Pilates Workout

Fitness Resistance Band Rope for Yoga Pilates Workout


Get a dynamic resistance workout that tones, strengthens, and stretches your entire body in the gym or comfort of your own home with our Fitness Resistance Band Rope for Yoga Pilates Workout!

Our resistance band ropes are made from the highest quality rubber to ensure maximum life. This increase in range and ease of use makes this set perfect for anyone from beginners and experts. Resistance bands, also known as exercise bands, fitness tubes, and resistance cords, are a great way to add variety to your strength training routine.

Resistance bands are an excellent alternative to free weights, workout machines, and traditional bodyweight exercises. Training with Resistance Bands may assist with rehabilitative exercises, fat loss, building muscle and are ideal for travel. So what are you waiting for?


  • 1.2m/ 3.94ft
  • Great for home-based strength training
  • Unisex
  • Made from rubber latex
  • Soft foam handles for comfortable use


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