Inflatable Floating Yoga Mat Deluxe

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 Float your fitness with Inflatable Floating Yoga Mat Deluxe!

Floating Yoga is one of the latest trend we tried today! It is a totally new area of fitness and training platform that provides fun, and dynamic way to exercise. Inflatable yoga mat main feature is its rigidity and ability to float on water and was created to bring more fitness opportunities to the water. This feature is 100% unique that is built specifically by yogi's for Yoga.

The Floating Yoga Mat Deluxe is stable, reinforced mat is equipped with a slip resistant deck pad, carrying handle, lane line connectors and a beautiful sleek design. So, all attention centered on breath and not floating away or spinning around. If there is no pool at your home, no worries because it can be used like a inflatable air floor which you can do yoga for indoor too. With its lightweight design, makes it easy to transport and  folds up like a sleeping bag for quick storage. 

Try Floatfit HIIT On Water!

Don’t miss out on the latest expansion of water fitness with extra core and balance workout with the Floating Yoga Mat Deluxe. Take your fitness anywhere there is water! DURABLE - Uses advanced new high-frequency welding process, breaking the traditional practice of viscose, a strict 48 hour leak test before leaving the factory to ensure product quality. The product has high wear resistance, tear resistance, tensile resistance, good peel resistance, high air tightness, good strength, durability, and easy maintenance.

SAFE AND EASY - Uses high-strength molecular composite PVC mesh cloth, anti-aging test passed, in line with the international EN-71 fire retardant standards, the EU ROH environmental protection and low toxicity standards, in line with the export standards of various countries, the use of imported Italian self-locking safety high pressure gas nozzle, safe and easy to use.

Not your average cardio or yoga training! Benefit from low impact yet high intensity workouts and challenge your balance, stability, core and coordination. All you need is a pool! And, falling into the water is fun and encouraged! Perfect gift for friends and love ones!

    Health Benefits

    • Improve balance, stability and coordination
    • Strengthen core
    • Achieve total body workout
    • Challenge your body with different muscle use
    • Relieve stress
    • Optimize workout time when both mind and body are engaged


    • Material: PVC
    • Size: 200*90*15 cm

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