Pop It! Pimple Toy

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Have a weird obsession with squeezing pimples (you can admit it...)? Want something which satisfies your darkest pimple desires!? We feel you!! This crazy pop it pimple toy allows you to keep on squeezing!

Great for anyone that loves popping pimples. This simple toy gadget can effectively help you relieve stress, anxiety & tension!

Pop It! Pimple Toy is a funny hilarious toy for kids and adults,and allows people to pop fake pimples. It simulates the feel and popping of a huge pimple and it can help us relax ourselves and throw the pressure away.

When life gives you that crazy urge to scream and destroy, the pimple popping toy is here to support you. Go ahead - Crazy Squeeze Pimples!

Are you worried that you can't find the right gifts for your children, friends and family on festivals and birthdays, and other special days? This new Pimple Popping Toy will surprise them.

So realistic! This is going to be a great gag gift for the holidays!


Its addicting and fun and everyone spends hours playing with it! Best present ever!


Bet! It must be a novelty toy that surprises you very much! Perfect for Relieve Pressure and Tactile stimulation.


Simulate extrusion of acne and let you know that this is not simply accomplished. You have to work hard to squeeze out deep “pus”.

Squeeze as much as you need!


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