Portable Electric Fly Control Trap

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 Flies are annoying. They pollute your house and spreads diseases. Killing flies by physical means (hitting) can be disgusting and ineffective and, chemical means can be harmful to your family.

This Portable Electric Fly Trap is non-toxic. It does not use any chemicals and it is safe for your family members and pets. This Electric Fly Trap with Trapping Food is designed for all fly species, one of the best fly trap available! Powered by USB cable, this fly trap is safe and easy to use. It works using a bait made from natural fly food which smells good that flies can't resist. You can also use honey, jam, sugar or anything sweet that may attract flies.

DURABLE - Anti-shock and crush resistant, don't worry that it will broken in daily use. Can be reused, High cost performance.

SAFE TO USE- Using physical methods, this fly trap device is non-toxic, safe and effective and environmentally friendly.

WORKING PRINCIPLE - Induce the flies to try lures on the table, and then turn the fly into the confined space with the rotating plate's rotating.

QUIET & GREEN- No Light pollution, noise pollution and peculiar smell, create a comfortable and healthy environment for your family.

Stop using harmful chemicals that don't do much but just harms your family. With this Portable Electric Fly Trap, you can easily trap the flies and just release them away from your house. Very effective of luring flies with killing them. Perfect gift for friends and love ones!


  • Coveage: 20-50 sq.m
  • USB cabled power

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