Super Sealant Fix Glue

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Sealant Fix is belonging to the new one-component adhesive transparent solution, room temperature curing. It is easy to operate without re-packing, both openings can be used. It is high elasticity, soft film, anti-vibration and waterproof. This is a powerful strong glue can fix for stationery, glass, jewelry, crystal etc.

Feature : 

★ EASY TO USE - Simply add to anything (bath/shower seal, kitchen worktop edge seal, surfaces) for amazing sparkle finish, 

★ COLOUR-FAST - Will not leak any glitter color 

★ MS Polymer - Containing the most superior MS Polymer on the market, we provide compatibility and versatility to virtually any substrate, promising next-generation technology and exceptional decorative finishes. 

★ TRIED & TESTED In all kinds of environments and spaces, with amazing unparalleled results!

★ Can support up to 100 kg weight 

★ No nail era. Without formaldehyde, health & environmental protection 

★ It takes 12-24 hours to dry the nailless glue and it can be waterproof after curing. 

★ For glass products, wood products, ceramic tiles, metal, mirrors, etc. 

★ Traceless dismantling and protecting the wall.


How to Use : 1 Please clean surface before use, cannot exist any oil water stains, dusts or something dirty, 2 Squeezing glue out, and suggest use it from middle to outware,avoid bubbles, 3 Please wait 5 minutes to be Located, 20 minutes can be moving and 30 minutes solidifying completed, 4 Different  temperature and Sticky surface decides different solidifying time, from 30 minutes to 12 hours.  Application: Frosted Glass, Marble, Lacquer Wood ,Smooth Metal Plate, Ceramic Tile,Mosaics.

★ Capacity : 6g / pc

★ Package Inckudes: 2pcd x Super Sealant Fix Glue

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